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About Us

Our Blooming

Thee Abundance Shop was created by our Owner Ash Alacia, a free-spirited Sagittarius who through her own journey of Self-discovery felt the need to help others re-connect with their true Divine nature. Upon her own Spiritual-awakening, she started to see that a major part of the journey back to our true nature of Self was one of unlearning - then relearning the higher-vibrational mental state of Abundance. Along with Reiki Healing, Yoga, and Meditation, Thee Abundance Shop is an extension of Ash's mission to share the Metaphysical tools that have helped along her path, to aid others in theirs.

Our Intentions

Thee Abundance Shop is an Intentionally-Curated Space that Nurtures Mindfulness + Abundant Living within your every day life. 

" With our Mindful product offerings, centered around Wellness, it is our Intention to help you incorporate and Claim the Abundance within; Bringing it Forth into your physical reality through the tools you use in your every day routine and way of living."